EMR Integrations

Paquin has developed patent pending, HIPAA-compliant technology, called iRemedy , that effectively allows for its powerful ecommerce-based product recommendation platform to interface and integrate with existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, such as those marketed by Allscripts, AthenaHealth, Epic, Practice Fusion and McKesson, among others. Offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), iRemedy is a comprehensive platform that includes customer management, eCommerce, order capture, database management and order fulfillment management – all meeting stringent security and healthcare compliance requirements.

  • Generates lucrative new revenue streams for hospitals, health systems, payors, private medical practices and other care organizations
  • Serves to monetize major investments made in mandated EMR systems
  • Enhances patient engagement and helps to improve clinical outcomes
  • Promotes greater patient centricity and customer satisfaction

Paquin’s iRemedy system permits care providers to securely automate the electronic communication of retail healthcare product and service recommendations directly to patients, based on data published in their medical records. These products and services may include concierge physician or at-home nursing services, telemedicine applications, suggested vitamins and other dietary supplements, wearable devices, over-the-counter OTC drugs and wound care products, electronic weight scales, health metric tracking devices, remote patient monitoring services, DME products, suggested books and other reading materials, and much more.

In other words, if a patient’s medical record shows they have had heart disease, iRemedy automatically recommends vitamins, pedometers, weight management tools, blood pressure monitors, and other such products suitable specifically for patients with that condition. When a patient purchases the recommended products or services, revenue from the sale is paid to the care provider.