Paquin Healthcare has pioneered the nation’s first and only fully turnkey, ecommerce-driven, supply chain management platform that is disrupting how healthcare products and services are procured and delivered to and through healthcare organizations.

Our team of proven, digital healthcare industry experts is successfully executing defined strategies that we believe will serve to establish Paquin Healthcare as the definitive source for turnkey ecommerce and end-to-end logistical solutions that empower physicians, surgery centers, healthcare institutions and other ancillary care providers to materially enhance patient care and experience and capitalize on profitable, new revenue streams into their care practices and business enterprises.

We are very proud that Paquin Healthcare’s valued shareholders include a “who’s who” list of independent physicians, major U.S. healthcare systems, leading investment firms and smart, accredited investors.

If you are interested in learning how you, too, may participate in direct investment opportunities with Paquin Healthcare, please visit our online due diligence center found on AngelMD or request to speak directly with one of our investment banking advisors.