Is Amazon just too huge to provide trusted, confidential, dependable healthcare?
Description: Join us today on iRemedy as CEO and founder, Tony Paquin welcomes his brother and business partner, Gary Paquin. The discussion focuses on the massive retail giant, Amazon, and the role that it is currently playing and may be playing in future healthcare. Can the current Amazon business model work in healthcare? Listen in as some of the challenges of providing health care services are discussed. HIPAA, personal medical records, protected health information, relationships and reps’ expertise are all discussed in today’s episode. Amazon is a trusted retailer for many consumer healthcare needs, such as latex gloves, bandages, and lotions. But, will Amazon ever be able to meet our trusted, confidential health care needs?

Key Takeaways:
[1:25] Tony and Gary brainstorm what the health care industry might look like if purchased on Amazon.
[2:23] Learn the differences between the commonly used e-commerce terms B2B
versus B2C and store versus marketplace? Could Amazon be a trusted, reliable partner to produce health care services? Can a marketplace provide products that you are willing to use for your health care needs?
[5:16] Gary shares a personal experience about the startup of an e-commerce store for a Catholic healthcare system and some unforeseen bumps in the road. It proves challenging to police such a large amount of products in the e-commerce store to make sure that the products align with your healthcare mission.
[8:40] Sometimes the most successful ecommerce businesses sell only one product. Amazon may be too big to succeed in the healthcare arena. Could they merchandise key products in a specified, trusted source? Could they control and manage the supply chain? What role would HIPAA play in the transaction? Would electronic medical records (EMR) and protected health information (PHI) be shared with unprotected third party vendors?
[12:24] Relationships are important in the healthcare industry. Expertise that representatives provide is a big part of the equation for a successful experience in hospital and surgical center services.
[14:49] Find out which group of professionals ranks the highest in honesty and ethics in a recent gallup poll.
[17:00] How does the data track back to patient outcome/efficacy? What is the treatment plan/outcome? The products we as consumers are purchasing need to come from a trusted source, but the information also needs to be part of the plan. The link back to the EMR needs to be protected. For this to happen, you must be fully integrated with trusted partners.

Mentioned in This Episode:
The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More, by Chris Anderson Gallup Poll: Who do consumers trust?

“In healthcare when you make a mistake, people can die.”

“You have heard the saying, you are too big to fail… sometimes you can be too big to secure.”

“That trust goes all the way up and down the chain, from patient, to provider, to supplier of the provider.”

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