Experience the Breakthrough of a New Revolutionary Personal Home Therapy Orthopedic Cooling Device That Just May Change Your Life!
Description: Join us on iRemedy today as we welcome Dr. David Abramson. Dr. Abramson is the Acting Chief of Surgical Services at Englewood Hospital and is the Chief Medical Officer at Nanohealth. Dr. Abramson has worked in connection with orthopaedic surgeons to invent new Nano Cooling devices to aid orthopaedic patients in healing. This revolutionary amazing product replaces the ice pack. Join us as we discuss the many benefits of this new technology and the in’s and out of how this product works. Learn about phase change and how adjusting the chemical makeup changes this product from a liquid to a solid.

[2:26] How did Dr. Abramson get involved with the NanoHealth team? Get introduced to a revolutionary wearable cooling vest that can freeze at 80 degrees! Learn about phase change and its special chemical makeup that allows these specialized orthopedic products to freeze anywhere from below zero to boiling temperatures.
[5:23] Dr. Abramson discusses some of the benefits of the Nano Cooling Technology: Continuous cooling without the risks of frostbite, preventing reprotrusion injury and decreasing edema.
[7:26] Who can benefit from this mobile, comfortable device? Patients undergoing knee replacements, hip, and shoulder surgeries can all benefit from the device. Patients need 2 devices, one to wear and one to charge. Charging takes about 30 minutes and the wearable time is about 1.5 hours.
[9:17] Dr. Abramson tells us more benefits from using the product: less swelling, less down-time, less narcotics needed for pain control, lower HCAP scores. Tony shares his experience with the product. He loved that it was non mechanical, easy to use, portable, and not expensive.
[10:49] Listen to find out why the product is produced to maintain 59 degrees.
[12:59] Where may we soon see this new technology, besides the orthopaedic arena? How can the product help prostate cancer patients and menopausal women? The application is also being considered for first responders and football players, to prevent heat exhaustion.
[18:43] Listen in as Dr. Abramson describes the Nano Cooling Technology make up, consisting of a veltex layer of fabric on the outside with two layers of hexagonal shaped polyurethane that allows the fabric to bend. This layer is protected by a fabric layer. The device is secured by easy-to-use straps.
[20:35] Products currently available for orthopaedic use include: ankle, knee, shoulder, bolero (upper back and chest), lumbar back, midline back, elbow, and wrist.
[21:32] Nurses enjoy using the Nano Cooling Technology products, and report that the product eliminates dripping ice, and is very convenient. The product is antimicrobial, and infection is not an issue.
Learn more about Nanohealth USA here: Nanohealthusa.com/how-it-works/

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