Podcast: Can the Retail Giant, Amazon, Meet the Needs of the Healthcare Industry?

Is Amazon just too huge to provide trusted, confidential, dependable healthcare?
Description: Join us today on iRemedy as CEO and founder, Tony Paquin welcomes his brother and business partner, Gary Paquin. The discussion focuses on the massive retail giant, Amazon, and the role that it is currently playing and may be playing in future healthcare. Can the current Amazon business model work in healthcare? Listen in as some of the challenges of providing health care services are discussed. HIPAA, personal medical records, protected health information, relationships and reps’ expertise are all discussed in today’s episode. Amazon is a trusted retailer for many consumer healthcare needs, such as latex gloves, bandages, and lotions. But, will Amazon ever be able to meet our trusted, confidential health care needs? … Read More

Podcast: Wearable Nanotechnology Product Creates a New Standard in Healing

Experience the Breakthrough of a New Revolutionary Personal Home Therapy Orthopedic Cooling Device That Just May Change Your Life!
Description: Join us on iRemedy today as we welcome Dr. David Abramson. Dr. Abramson is the Acting Chief of Surgical Services at Englewood Hospital and is the Chief Medical Officer at Nano Health. Dr. Abramson has worked in connection with orthopaedic surgeons to invent new Nano Cooling devices to aid orthopaedic patients in healing. This revolutionary amazing product replaces the ice pack. Join us as we discuss the many benefits of this new technology and the in’s and out of how this product works. Learn about phase change and how adjusting the chemical makeup changes this product from a liquid to a solid. … Read More