Remote Patient Monitoring

Paquin Healthcare’s iRemedy Remote is a powerful, cloud-based, mobile medical device monitoring solution designed to enable and streamline secure, remote monitoring of patients’ vital signs by their care providers. The iRemedy Remote solution is fully integrated with the iRemedy platform, providing for the sourcing and distribution of prescribed/recommended monitoring devices to patients via iRemedy Supply or ecommerce stores operated by physicians.

iRemedy Remote is provided as a free service for iRemedy’s professional clients. Our system integrates with top consumer wearable devices like Fitbit and Withings, and manages the sale, distribution and support of those products.

We manage all order fulfillment and call center support to ensure that monitoring devices shipped to patients are properly integrated with iRemedy Remote’s back-end, cloud-based reporting and managing system, and that sufficient support and instruction is given to patients/consumers that may be first-time users of these health monitoring devices.