iRemedy Supply is a membership-only medical supplies etailer dedicated to bringing the best possible prices on high quality brand name medical products to independent healthcare practices, facilities and organizations worldwide, including, among others:

  • Private physician practices and clinics;
  • Dental offices;
  • Veterinarian practices;
  • Home healthcare businesses;
  • Nursing homes and assisted living facilities;
  • Emergency medical tech and paramedical agencies;
  • K-12 school and college/university health clinics;
  • Security and first responder agencies;
  • Occupational and industrial medical clinics;
  • Tattoo parlors;
  • Medical laboratories and diagnostic centers; and
  • Correctional facility clinics.

By leveraging relationships with major healthcare group purchasing organizations, iRemedy Supply empowers its valued members to realize material savings (up to 50%) on a comprehensive range of single-use, disposable medical supplies; lab supplies; diagnostic instruments and kits; wound and skin care products and cleaning supplies. iRemedy Supply operates a proprietary, centralized and automated order and fulfillment system, backed by a talented and dedicated team of customer service professionals accessible by its members on a 24/7 basis.

Helping to guide and direct the management and growth of iRemedy Supply is the Company’s distinguished Medical Advisory Board, comprised of independent physicians spanning numerous medical disciplines and clinical specialties – and all of whom are also valued shareholders of Paquin Healthcare..