Professional-ServicesSince Paquin Healthcare’s inception, we have provided professional consulting services to nearly every major healthcare organization in the United States. In fact, our top five consulting clients currently generate in excess of $100 billion in annual revenue and serve over 75 million healthcare consumers. By leveraging the Paquin team’s professional expertise and guidance on creating and implementing innovative “Direct to Consumer” Retail Healthcare strategies and technologies, these clients are benefiting from new high margin, pharmacy, on-site retail and ecommerce-driven revenue streams that are not subject to government reimbursement or strident regulatory oversight.

When developing retail business plans for its clients, our professional consultants take a customized, collaborative approach to determining new, profitable retail revenue streams backed by in-depth quantitative research, qualitative insight and cost-and time-efficient implementation strategies. We study existing retail channels, product applications for specific clinical specialties; local area shopping patterns; consumer product preferences; historical and forecasted financial data; real estate expansion or repurposing opportunities; local brand reputation and awareness; technological capabilities and desires, and so on. No stone is left unturned and the client is delivered a comprehensive business plan which details our recommended retail solutions.